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No Photo my homies only
you can talk about anything you want in here as long as you know us
Join jb_planet06 1
No Photo Eli's Homies ^_^
If i know you you are my hommie !!! Unless you don't wanna be my hommie =[
Join Eli_371 1
No Photo lAs P3rRiiTaS y LoS p3rRiiToS!!
DiiS iiS jUsT mAiiNly To ShOw WhO 3v3r iiS bRoWn N pRoUd!!! JuSt PrOuD tO b3 wAt D3y aR3....
Join GiiGgL3z 1
No Photo evelution
Join chrismcd89 1
No Photo united states NAVY
Join chrismcd89 1
No Photo EMO
Join EDD 1
No Photo R3z K!d$
awesome people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Join Xxx_Deja_xxX 1
mexican ganstas
ight this is the most mexican you can get so metete ok te mero bye
Join SaRaI 1
delta eboard
delta deltas eboard group. if you miss meetings for any stupid reason. here is all the info ORIGINATION Delta Delta was founded by nine founding fathers in the summer of 1985. ...
Join giveuthefinger 1
No Photo N8ive American & Hispanic Americans Only!!
for all of my friends and their friends to chill and IM each other
Join TwIsTeD 1
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