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▼ About
My name is Bugzy or Richard I live in Pico Rivera Ca. I was born in Downtown Los Angeles. Im into partying chilling Drinking Getting fucked up haha and having fun. so hit me up if u wanna have some fun. Some other interests I have are Guns and chillin with my family.

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▼ Details
Username: TheLivingLegend
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Location: Pico Rivera, CA
Member Since: 2006-06-16
Last Login: May 17, 2018 1:24 pm
Page Hits: 35
Forum Post: 0
Messengers: AIM AddressMembers only

▼ Interest
Favorite Music: I listen to all kinds of different music like 2pacImmortal techcommonAwol OneShapeshifters2mexDMXPsycho RealmCypress hillKotton Mouth KingsThe GameNasCelly CellC-BoKautione40LooneysYukmouthNate DoggWarren GSnoopLil RobMr Capone eToby keithMerle HaggardWillie NelsonAvenged SevenfoldSystem of a downGodsmackDeftonesand alot of other stuff...
Favorite Movies: GoodfellasCasinoGodfatherBlood in Blood OutAmerican meBellyThe OmenConstantineHouse of 1000 CorpsesPlatoonThe Great RaidSaving Private RyanFull metal jacketShark talemadgascarmind walkstar warsThe MatrixFriday and alot of other movies...
Favorite Books: I like Political phillosophyphilosophyWar philosophyrelegiousand books that deal with the metaphysical... some of my favorites are The princeDiscoursesIn helland The Art of War by nicolo Machiaveli... I also like the holy bible the satanic biblethe book of luciferthe tibbetan book of the deadaztec mythology vol 1and greek mythology vols 1 2 and 3....
Favorite Television: I dont watch much t.v but I like anything on the military channelfuturamasimpsonsand anything on the history channel...

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sOUtHeRn CaLi !!! (74) • SINGLE & LOOKING (73) • SOCIAL DISTORTION LOVERS (2) • Fuck It Lets get Drunk (2) •

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